• Nordic Light

    Although we are a bit south of where the official midnight sun shines, we are still far north enough to enjoy 24 hour daylight. It is a beautiful time of the year, where five new wildflowers seem to be in bloom every day. People here are busy making the most of these days, harvesting fish from the sea, tending gardens and generally making up for many months of living in an inhospitable environment.


    The constant light creates some pretty weird sleeping patterns. Some people hardly sleep at all, some sleep a lot, and some become so confused by the light that they find themselves mowing the lawn at 2 am. A few people go into a strange 48 hour rhythm, where they are up for more than 24 hours followed by a long, long night’s sleep.


    We find ourselves wanting to go to bed later and later, and sleep in longer and longer. Today I slept till 10 am, mostly because Bacon told me that I could.



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  • mom
    is Bacon losing weight??? ps just notice your seat of our pants animation changed very cool....
  • Bacon has been mostly sleeping here, so it must be that he's been missing his meals.
    We changed the logo when we arrived in Sweden, silly! Thanks for noticing :)
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