• Seatofourpants on National TV

    During our recent stop in Stockholm, Sweden, we had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of the Swedish National TV, SVT. We were brought there by our friend, Mr Danny Wattin (who’s third book is about to hit the shelves, we hear).


    At that time Danny’s friend Gustav was working as a producer for the channel’s sport section. He graciously invited us to be extras in a segment he was working on. The results can be seen here:


    SeatOfOurPants crew on Swedish TV


    If you’re not keen on viewing Swedish TV material, fast forward to about 1:04. We’re the guys in the background, if you can’t tell. The person swinging the TV set around is Danny, who pretty much always behaves that way.


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  • Johanna
    This is SO FUNNY! I actually saw the show.. on tv..
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