• Fika!

    One of Sweden’s most cherished institutions is the Fika – a break where coffee is served together with bullar (cinnamon rolls), kakor (various cookies) and other pastries and pies. It’s a calorie bomb, for sure, dating back to the era when people burned at least 12 000 calories per day.


    Swedes love fika, and many of us enjoy it at least once per day – at coffee shops, at home or at our workplace.


    This particular spread was brought to us by my Aunt Carin, and promptly shared with the seatsofourpants.com readers. Guess who enjoyed it more!

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  • Sheyna
    I need toknow when the time was when people burned at least 12,000 calories a day!?! I clock myself at 400 a day. That would be walking to the train and back...maybe it is more like 100 a day.
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