• Posted on December 30th, 2009

    Written by S.O.O.P Crew


    The third, unofficial member of the S.O.O.P crew is our friend, Bacon. Though the recent “swine flu” epidemic has made his kind unpopular, he’d like you all to know that he’s not bitter. He’d also like to take this chance to show you some of his finer work here on here and here and here.

    Three things you didn’t know about Bacon:

    1. He is a pink ninja of the 8th dan. 
    2. He’s obsessed with Shakira – we find him imitating her dance moves all the time. It’s embarrassing. 
    3. Though he may seem fearless, he won’t fall asleep unless he’s snug in our bed (luckily he doesn’t take up much space).