• How Studying Abroad Allowed me to See the World

    I didn’t always love to travel. Actually, in the grand scheme of things, I’ve loved it for a just a short time. I would be downright mad as a kid when my parents packed us into their van for weekend adventures. It meant missing my Saturday morning cartoons, a GROSSLY unfair thing to do in my mind. I didn’t like going away for summer camp. In fact, I made it just two days at tennis camp before calling my parents in tears, asking to be picked up. I moved away for college, but just a three hour drive away – just far enough but not too far.

    It’s not that I wasn’t curious about other places. I have memories as a child of standing in my parents garage, staring at a world map that hung there. Splayed across the pastel-colored continents were little red pins, marking my father’s travels. What would it be like to be in those far off places, I wondered, but just as quickly I would turn and run to our backyard to play. Why would I need to travel when all the joy and happiness I knew was found right there at home?

    It’s that sort of mentality, combined with a fair deal of shyness, that kept me close to home for most of my life. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I have a very different philosophy about travel today. So what gives? What happened between the Saturday morning, cartoon missing tantrums and taking a year off to travel the world?

    A rash decision made my final year of college.

    Checking out what I looked like as a study abroad student 11 years ago

    Driven by a foolish desire to impress a worldly boy, I signed up to study abroad for a year. Sadly, the boy remained unimpressed but it was a decision that changed my life.

    As a lifelong lover of old masters (that’s art-speak for guys that painted a long, long time ago), I chose to study in the ground zero of Renaissance Art: Florence, Italy. I shared an apartment with seven – that’s right – seven other girls, just five minutes from the Duomo, Florence’s central cathedral. The location was unreal, the roommates were amazing and the wine flowed like $2 magnum bottles should. Wine aside (sort of), the experience was a once in a lifetime slap in the face. Finally I understood what all the travel hype was about.

    I came home alive, buzzing with the love of travel, thirsty for more. It took that initial step out the door – to Italy, in my case – to see what traveling is about. It’s not just a pin on a wall map (though you can be sure I’m going to have one of those in my future garage). It’s a glimpse of what else is out there: the amazing people, the awful people, the delicious food, the crazy there’s-no-way food stuffs, the foreign culture that feels just like home and the culture that opens your eyes.

    Sharing the study abroad experience with me were seven amazing women – who ten years after our tear-filled good-byes, I was able to meet up with again recently in New York. Many of them are married. Some have children. All of them are just as great as I remembered them. Ladies, if it wasn’t for our time together 11 years ago, I wouldn’t have had the courage to see the world.

    Thank you.

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  • Anonymous

    Great piece! I related to this a lot. I also studied abroad in Florence, and I lived in an apartment with eight other girls. One of them just got married, another is married with a baby, and it’s really nice to see everyone doing well as we grow up. As for me, a month from today, I leave for seven months in Southeast Asia! Wanderlust will never be gone, and I’m grateful for that.

    I can’t recommend study abroad enough. If anyone out there is considering it, DO IT!! You’ll be changed forever — in a good way.

  • Jaime

    Thanks for your kind words Kate! I couldn’t agree more. Studying abroad was a great first step for me.

    And can I say JEALOUS that you’re spending 7 months in SE Asia. That’s awesome. Please gorge yourself on mango sticky rice for me. I love that stuff. :)

  • Engr Ghayyourahmed

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  • Jenny

    One thing I wish I had the opportunity to do was study abroad. Glad it was able to open your horizons to a different life. It’s funny looking back at things in the past and realizing just how much of an impact they’ve made on your life today… you know?

  • dunklea

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  • Anonymous

    great post, im studying in Malaysia at the mo and it gives such a good insight into other cultures =)

    johnny –

  • As We Travel

    Awesome post! Must have been so much fun to reunite again after such a long time!

  • Ryan Copp

    Your post take me 7 years back when i used to stay with my 3 roommates..At that time i m pursuing my Engineering…..We all guys always try to do different activities like one is a good skier,other is a good Rapper etc…..We often make tours in our vacations to visit new places…And now the story after 7 years is same as like you…Miss you friends..

    villa spanje


    Its such a great opportunity , I wish I had done it.

  • Bluegreen Kirk

    Though you did it to impress a boy it turned out to be a great decision for you. Thanks for the post and continue to enjoy your travels.

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