• Trouble in Ladakh

    It’s been almost a year since we visited Ladakh. Now, news out of Leh is that flash floods have killed hundreds of people in the region. Both locals and foreigners remain unaccounted for, and the whole area is cut off from the rest of the world.

    Normally it never rains in Ladakh. As the above picture shows, the architecture and layout of the towns are simply not made to deal with precipitation. The massive rainfalls devastated the mud-brick houses, washing many of them away.


    We can’t help but think and worry about the people we met there, the friends we made and the places we visited. It’s such a remote and beautiful corner of the world, and its vanishing lifestyle is so fragile and precious that a disaster like this is very likely to send the whole place reeling.

    Get well soon, Ladakh. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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  • As We Travel

    I missed those news, that's horrible! Those are some really nice pictures there, I hope your friend are ok, and that the place recovers soon!

  • Savaari

    In next two or three months, it is improving but still there is lots of things to do in Ladakh and I am hoping that they will recover soon.

  • Aman

    Leh – I fell in love wid this place…… Was there few months before the flash floods…… Hope it will be back in shape when I visit the place next year again…….