• Road Laundry

    When your backpack has space enough for exactly three outfits, you learn to mix and match with abandon. Martin’s pair of coral-colored pants (a laundry accident in KL months ago) and a blue striped shirt work perfectly together. Of course they work!


    When you have only one black shirt, which everyone knows goes with everything, you wear it until you can hardly bear your own scent – then you launder. We began this trip with a bottle of detergent, thinking we would wash our own clothes. We’ve abandoned that idea all together at this point. Almost all the hotels/guesthouses/hostels offer laundry service.


    Keep in mind, though, that laundry service means different things in different place. In Laos, for example, I turned in a big bag of smelly clothes to my guesthouse proprietor. I found her an hour later, on her knees, hand scrubbing my underwear. Harsher treatment is also sometimes used. In Ladakh we saw our laundry being stomped on in the local river.


    We just had most of our clothes laundered by our hotel here in Guwahati, India. They were returned to us, clean, pressed and individually wrapped in paper. Are we feeling fancy? Heck yes we are. I just might wear my best outfit tonight – you know, the one I wasn’t wearing when I lost a little battle to a food bug.


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