• Myanmar (Burma)

    Posted on February 10th, 2010

    Written by Jaime


    So, Um, What the Heck is This Used For?

    I’m always on the look-out for weird and wonderful things to bring/send home. We took a walk around Myitkyina’s central market today and this table caught my eye. What were these little bags filled with – might they be little treasures?

    Curiosity quickly turned to disgust on closer inspection. My guess is that it’s some sort of apothecary table – weird little mixtures of ground up things-you’d-rather-not-know about. I’ve stared at the close up picture of the severed hands or feet (?) for a while now and still can’t figure out what they came from.

    Yuck yuck yuck

    Yuck yuck yuck

    It’s seriously freaky stuff – and this was just one example of a number of tables around town, each with their own awful arrangement of nastiness. Fortunately for us, they have actual pharmacies here too. We can rest easy knowing that, should we come down with something, we won’t be fed ground up cadaver foot.

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