• Catching the Best Photo of Bagan

    Because the Bagan area is so flat, the best views are had up high – and the higher the better. In search of that perfect picture Martin and I scrambled, ducked, climbed and squeezed our way through a number of temples. It wasn’t exactly Indiana Jones-style, but it was close.

    Martin climbing in Bagan

    Much like Angkor Wat was five years ago, Bagan’s temples seem to have very few regulations about how they can be explored. With the exception of three of the largest ones, which have structural issues, most of these buildings are free to explore.

    Climbing around in Bagan

    Climbing up them, over them and on top of them is one of the great parts about being here – that and the expectation of the great photo opportunities that lay in wait at the top of every temple.

    Climbing in temples in Bagan

    Being amateur photographers, I wouldn’t say that we had much success in getting our money shot. In fact, our pictures don’t get anywhere near doing justice to the place – but you can check out some of my favorites in the gallery below.

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