• Notes From the Road

    Posted on February 13th, 2010

    Written by Martin


    Inside Your Own Head

    The ability to spend time inside your own head is a great asset when traveling in Burma (or anywhere else for that matter). During our mad dash through the upper Irrawaddy area, we had ample opportunity to practice this skill. The last four days we’ve spent five hours on a motorbike, seven on a bus, seven on a boat, another one on a bus and finally fourteen on a train.

    The thoughts during these sessions range from mundane to bizarre, and it is a process best likened to meditation. You have time to think about long lost friendships, about social situations that lost their relevance decades ago and about where to actually store those souvenirs you bought six towns back.

    It is a part of traveling, just as much as sightseeing and trying new things.

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