• Why Technology Sometimes Rocks

    Some of my family members have gathered together in Seattle to be together after my Grandma’s recent passing. Being literally half-way around the world from them is really hard. I haven’t seen many of them in over a decade and missing the opportunity to spend time with family right now just plain sucks.


    I’m not a tech savvy person – far from it. I prefer books to e-readers. My cell phone (when I was in the States) was only used to make phone calls. We have a twitter account, but I’m still not sure I like it.


    That being said, the one advance that I can get behind is video calling through services like Skype. How cool is it that I can not only talk with family through my computer but I can see them, too?


    I guess technology is OK in my book – so long as that book doesn’t come on an e-reader. Sorry Amazon, you’ll never get me.

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