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    Our current travel plan has us traveling to a far-away corner of India called Arunachal Pradesh – a small state at the edge of the Himalayas, wedged in between Assam, Tibet, Bhutan and Myanmar. It is very remote. China, who claims the territory, fought a war with India over it in the 1960s. Predictably, the Indian government restrict tourism to the region.


    Since the place is crawling with military, the situation there is very calm. Traveling there should be very safe, if only we could score a permit. For several weeks now I’ve been researching how to go about getting that permit. So far, all I have to say is that the situation there appears to be pretty asymmetric. No two sources say the same thing. The Arunachal Tourist Department says that any Indian embassy should be able to issue a permit. I went there today and they said that I can only get one at the border. The department denies this. On it goes.


    Today I received a lead: a phone number to a gentleman that may be able to fix us up for a ‘fee’. Who ever said travel should be straightforward? I just hope the old saying is right: that the places that are hard to get to are the most rewarding.

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