• Notes From the Road

    Posted on November 3rd, 2009

    Written by Jaime


    The Ugly Side of Engstrom

    Once upon a time I worried about what I looked like in photos. A photo would be snapped and I would wonder: Was I sitting up straight enough? Was I holding in my beer gut? Did I remember to stick my chin out because my neck likes to swallow my chin sometimes?


    OK, fine, I still think about these things. I’m sure most people do. Some years back I decided to throw caution to the wind and embrace what I was given – by taking a lot of bad pictures. Many of them have been taken on this trip, but admittedly most of the photos I post on this site have been carefully reviewed for the above things (and many more). So, lest you think that Martin and I are wonderfully photogenic, I’ve put together this gallery of bad photos.


    Do enjoy and please, for me, let your gut hang out every once in a while. It’s fun.


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  • Sheyna

    Those are the best pictures I have ever seen!!! you both are just so pretty!

  • Sheyna

    Those are the best pictures I have ever seen!!! you both are just so pretty!

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