• Living Up to the Motto

    So, our original plan was to stay here in Risikesh for a week at least. Jaime wanted to do some yoga, and I was interested in the trekking scene. So far so good, but once we got here we both realized that we don’t really fancy the place much. It’s dirty and gritty, full of Hindu pilgrims and it is bothersome to move around in. The yoga was nice and I’m sure the trekking is righteous – we just don’t want to spend a whole week here.

    We knew that we wanted to go to Nepal next, but also that there’s a lot to see and do between here and there. First, we explored going to Varanasi – a chaotic but significant city that happens to be on the overland route to Kathmandu, Nepal. We started plotting how to get there only to be abruptly informed that we’re in the middle of a major Indian holiday, and that all trains are full until the 23rd. Yikies.

    So we did a seatsofourpants.com, aka a 180, a total turn-around or what I like to call a quick, informed decision. We’re going to Agra tomorrow.

    For those of you who don’t know what that means, I’ve got two words. Taj and Mahal. Expect pictures.

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