• Indonesia

    Posted on September 11th, 2009

    Written by Martin


    Babi Guling

    The number one specialty of Balinese cooking is Babi Guling: roasted suckling pig. Having led a mostly vegetarian existence the last couple of weeks, we had a powerful urge to seek out the best Babi Guling we could find. We were told that the Denpasar Night Market would be the place to enjoy the dish in its most authentic form.


    Truth to be told, we weren’t totally impressed. The stuff that makes Babi Guling great are things that the western palate normally don’t normally associate with delicious. Crispy, barbequed pig skin (with a nice coating of grease on the inside) and various intestines simply won’t do the trick for us.


    The spiciness of the food helped us to get it down. We might have to leave final judgment on the dish’s qualities for next time we visit.



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