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    Posted on August 31st, 2009

    Written by Jaime


    Travel Burn-Out & Its Cure

    This may sound a bit crazy for those of you reading this from your work cubes, but at the moment we’re sick and tired of traveling. This happens when you’re on a long trip. It is most acute after a month or so of constant movement, which is what we’ve just done. Lake Toba was the last time we sat down for longer than two nights in one spot.

    The symptoms are pretty easy to recognize. I yelled at a bus driver because he charged us $5 each, rather than $4, for a four hour bus ride. We hadn’t showered in four days. Being dirty was better than cleaning ourselves in our budget bathrooms. We passed the time talking about the wine, cheese and how we were going to decorate our future home. These conversations took place when we were sitting in a beautiful hillside village in Flores, Indonesia. There were certainly other things to talk about than what type of rug we wanted in our living room.

    The best way to beat the travel fatigue is to find a clean, quiet place and do absolutely nothing for a few days. Reading is as strenuous as it should get. So, this is what we’ve done. We’re sitting at a beach-side bungalow resort, reading (I finished the Time Traveler’s Wife in less than 24 hours) and building back some wander lust.

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