• War Remnants Museum

     The War Remnants Museum is a must see when in Ho Chi Minh City. The museum’s brochure describes itself as an institute of systematical study, collection and preservation of war crimes and their impact on the Vietnamese people. war-and-peace.jpg


    Today’s visit was my second time, but it packed no less of a punch. War is a nasty thing. The Vietnam War was no exception. Atrocities were committed. This museum is, of course, organized by the Vietnamese. Naturally they exhibit images of extreme American behavior - laughing soldiers holding the severed heads of Vietnamese, photos of children born with defects due to Agent Orange exposure, massacred families, bombed factories, etc . As an American, my heart hurt while looking at these images. They are, of course, what draws the crowds.


     Another nearly deserted section of the museum, though no less interesting, was dedicated to Vietnamese children’s interpretation of “War and Peace”. Beautifully depicted images of peace and hope, drawn mostly with crayons by children age 8-14, stood as a stunning juxtaposition to the war images captured in the adjacent rooms. 

    All in all – a worthwhile trip, but if you have a sensitive stomach you might want to digest your food before checking it out.   

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