• Hoi An to Cat Ba Island


    There is a typical folly I tend to fall victim to during my travels. I’ll be at one location, poring over a guidebook or a map and think ‘wow gee that place looks like a nice place to visit‘; after which I will embark on a journey to said place. The problem is that I almost never stop to think exactly how long the distances involved are.


    We just went through one of those things. ‘Cat Ba Island, that looks great!’ we said, and headed off.


    Well now we’re here, after 24 hours of constant traveling. Taxi from Hoi An to Danang, then overnight train to Hanoi, taxi across town to take the bus to Haiphong, taxi again to a ferry dock where we realized we’d missed the last boat, which led us to take a bus to Dinh Vu, then a ferry to Cai Vieng and finally a bus ride to Cat Ba town. Next up:a great deal of relaxing, please.


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  • Sheyna
    i remember the last time Jaime and I said 'hey that looks cool. Lets go check it out!" we were in Rome. Scootering around in circles looking for what we thought was a large, cool-looking pyramid. Turns out, not so large. Not so cool. Thank goodness we didn't ask for directions from the street lined prostitutes. What was Dad thinking letting us out all on our lonesome!
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